tearstained plague rat

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I was just given information to spread around about a group of guys drugging female cosplayers in order to take advantage of them. They call themselves the GROPECREW. Please warn and spread this around! The user can be found here.

And let me make something clear… even if this IS someone trolling, I would rather make this dick-bag famous for being a twisted piece of shit than chance someone being attacked.


Found this post on Facebook, and thought it would be best to pass it around here.

Oi, see any fuckers like this guy at a con, fuck his shit up.

Fucking seriously? I’m an enforcer at PAXAus next month, I’ll definitely be finding a way to let the organisers know that this shit is spreading on the internet, if they don’t know already. And I too will be fucking up anyone doing shit like this.

Dickbag alert. pass it along.

Passing this along for any of my friends going to any up-coming cons!

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There Is an island In Japan covered with bunnies [video]

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A quick look at British and American spelling


A quick look at British and American spelling

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